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"Service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work orperform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability." Emotional Support Animals and Therapy Dogs are NOT SERVICE DOGS and therefore NOT COVERED BY ADA LAWS and NOT allowed in public.

What is a service animal?

and many more

Memory Loss:

-Finds lost objects to owner (keys, wallet, car, shoes, etc.) alerts when found

-Reminds owner of daily routines (waking, meds, work, etc.)

-Brings lost objects to owner

-Alerts owner at bedtime

-Wakes owner in the morning

Medication Reminder:

-Reminding the owner to take daily meds as needed and scheduled

Muscle Aches:

-Locates the target pain area

-Relieves pain in the area

-Retrieves needed items for pain relief

-Assisting owner up from a seated or lying down position

Sleep Disturbance:

-Waking the owner from a nightmare

-Reminding when it’s time to go to bed

-Retrieving sleep meds

-Redirecting and alert after owner wakes from a nightmare


-Physically interrupting and redirecting panic attack -Retrieving medication, phone, water, family member

-Creating a passive barrier between owner on others

-Alerting to someone behind owner

-Calling 911 and barking

-Physically regulating owners heart rate


-Alerting to anger to prevent escalation

-Redirecting owner from source of anger -Redirecting owner from a potential trigger